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DBF-400,600 & 800 shipment for Lithium battery material



DBF-400,600 & 800 shipment for Lithium battery material

2023-07-17 14:54

With the end of the Covid -19, domestic economy bottomed out in the second quarter in this year.

The fine chemical industry has also improved. Especially in the new energy  vehicles, wind power, photovoltaic  and energy storage industries have maintained a high-speed development trend.

With the carrying on policies of carbon peak & carbon neutral, there comes out a lot of opportunity in relative industies.  To catch on the opportunities, more investment & development are joining in.

Qiangdi is a one of them, our products - jet milling equipment , Air classifier mill did great job in lithium battery positive and negative materials, fluorine chemical industry and polymer materials and other areas.

We make every effort to create automated and intelligent production lines for those related industries, so that the fineness and quality of customers' products will be more stable. it help us in the promotion and application of the industry , and finally increase the market share of the company's products in related industries.

Now ,the "Qingdi" brand is familiar in related industries & have win customer recognition and trust.


We insist on "survive by quality, develop by innovation", and continue to provide all customers with reliable automated and intelligent production line equipment and services,

Below are picture of four sets euipment’ shipment in June & July. two sets of QDF-400, two sets of QDF-600, one set of QDF-800.


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