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Shipment for lab used QDF-200 for Li battery customers



Shipment for lab used QDF-200 for Li battery customers

2023-12-08 16:20

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP) is the cathode material of lithium-ion battery. It is generally considered to be free of heavy metals and rare metals, non-toxic (SGS certified), non-polluting, in line with European RoHS regulations, and green battery & Eco-Friendly.

LFPs can be charged to 100% & with lower-cost. Though it is not the cheapest in the market, but due to a long life span and zero maintenance, it’s the best investment you can make over time. According to the report, 17% of the global EV market is powered by LFPs. LiFePO4 batteries are generally considered easier to recycle than lithium-ion batteries. We have get inquiries on our grinding & classifying machine from the Li-ion battery factory on recycles LFPs recently.

In case of metal foreign matter during the production process, we provide the Integral ceramic protection: Integral Ceramic parts, Ceramic sheets directly attached inside the pipe. thermal spraying materials- tungsten carbide. The following are pictures of shipment on QDF-200 Jet mill system to Li battery customers for lab use.



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